My Favourite Things

My favourite things in my life are things like food, books and music.

My favourite foods are Chicken, Custard Tarts and Chocolate. My favourite drinks are Iced Coffee, Ginger Beer and THE NEW LEMON FLAVOURED MOTHER. My favourite music is Bullet For My Valentine and Burden of a Day. My favourite books are adventure stories such as the Ranger’s Apprentice and The Inheritance Cycle.

Funny Pictures :)

ZOOM! Story

This is for the challenge 5 of the student blogging challenge:

The idea is that i start with a simple idea, then everyone will comment and expand on the idea, adding things such as settings, people, actions and surroundings, whatever you want! So what are you waiting for? get commenting!


– This is what you will be commenting on, so please expand on this in your comments below.

Australian Road Signs

These are examples of Australian road signs for challenge 3 of the blogging challenge:

How could a blog be improved?

This is for the week 4 of the student blogging challenge. A blog can be improved by adding a theme, some widgets and also some other funky features such as text based things on your sidebar.

Themes can be used to add attraction to your blog as it gives a colour scheme, sidebars in which to add widgets and also can change the way people see posts and pages. Themes are easy to add and change, and there is also hundreds of themes to choose from.

Widgets are the boxes that fit onto a blog’s sidebar. Widgets can include things such as hyperlinks to other blogs and your site admn, visit trackers such as clustr maps and also little virtual pets to play around with. Widgets are mainly incorporated using HTML code that comes from sites other than edublogs.

If you were to visit NSW

This is for challenge 3 of the blogging challenge.

If you were to visit NSW, i would recommend 2 places to you, Sydney Harbour (Both the Bridge and the Opera House) and also the Hunter Valley Wineries.

Sydney Harbour is the iconic area of NSW, maybe even Australia, as it is home two two major landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

The Hunter Valley Wineries are an extremely interesting place to visit as you can get guided tours of the wineries and learn how wine is made. The wine that is produced is also of a high quality (or so my parents and their friends believe, i dont drink any alcohol as i am too young and i dont like the taste). I have chosen this as it it is near where i live and it is the most famous area around.

A website that has information on the Sydney Opera House is:

Port Stephens

This is for challenge 3 of the blogging challenge

These are some photos of Port Stephens of my local area:

I am recommending 5 blogs to you today :)

This post is for Challenge 6 of the Student Blogging Challenge. This post is going to recommend five blogs for you to see.

Blog number 1 is Brenton’s Blog at This is a blog that doesn’t feature a mountain of posts and pages, but i have found the information on this site to be helpful and it relates to things that i like to do and see.

Blog number 2 is Dominic’s Blog at This is a blog that has a relatively large number of posts and pages and has interesting information for a variety of people.

Blog Number 3 is Sara’s Blog at This is a blog that is just getting started and i believe this blog could be one of the best with a little constructive criticism/support.

Blog Number 4 is Conor’s Blog at This blog has a nice theme and some useful information and i would recommend this blog to all bloggers!

Blog Number 5 is Jaiden’s Blog at This blog is getting started and as Sara’s could use support to help get it up and running and looking more fanastical.

Thats it for now, until next time,

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