Why should you visit my Blog??

:This post is part of challenge 1 of the Blogging Challenge:

This first challenge is for me to write a post that states why students and classes should visit my blog. I believe that students and classes should come and see my blog because of the posts and the sort of pages i will make. I will mainly try to make posts and pages about my hobbies and interests, for example: i am interested in playing soccer and listening to hip-hop and rap music because i like the beats and beatboxing. For more info about me, please visit my “ABOUT” page.

A few things that i will try and make my blog better this year is that i will try and incoprporate more interesting posts and pages, as well as including mulitmedia items, such as pictures and animations into my blog so that it is interesting to a wider community. Another reason to see my blog is that i will approve pretty much any comment, so long as it does not contain any offensive language.

So, i hope you will take the time to have a look around my blog and leave some valuable comments. HAPPY BLOGGING!!!!!!!

One thought on “Why should you visit my Blog??

  1. Welcome back to the challenge Matt. Readers always love having more than just a post full of words to read – so including other media will make your blog more interesting.

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