Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a lovely area which features prisitne beaches, lots of shops and lots of area for developement. Port Stephens also features 2 major schooling centres, Tomaree Education Centre (which has a primary school, secondary school and TAFE) and St. Philips Christian College (Primary and Secondary education). There is a few marinas and alot of good fishing spots. There is also alot of sporting clubs in the area e.g. soccer, cricket, afl and rugby league. ThereĀ are also very good spots to go camping and the holiday destinations are excellent.

2 thoughts on “Port Stephens

  1. And unfortunately its been put in the middle off no where, it’s a hole in the ground I tell you.

  2. I love fishing so I’m sure that would be a cool place to go . I also love to play soccer (:

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